Everyone deserves a home that is both functional and appealing to the eye. We’ve been helping residential customers across Iowa accomplish this by updating their basement, garage, or home exterior.

Residential Concrete Services

Basement Floors

Curbs and gutters help ensure streets are operating how they need to. Harland Concrete has years of experience in curb and gutter repair.

Garage Slabs

A properly designed garage slab will handle washing the car, washing down the floor, and snow melting off the vehicle. Drains and slopes can be installed to the client’s specifications to accommodate the water runoff.


A concrete patio can be advantageous over landscape bricks and pavers. The gaps between pavers allow weeds to grow and water to enter the subgrade making it susceptible to frost heave in the winter. Instead, a concrete patio can reduce weeds and divert water away from the house helping basements stay drier. The uniform concrete surface provides years of almost maintenance free use.


Driveways are an important part of every residence. It is highly visible from the street thus adding curb appeal and value. Proper sub-grade preparation and drainage is important to every successful driveway.

Steps & Sidewalks

Steps and sidewalks take a lot of abuse over the years by consistent application of ice melting products. The chemical makeup in most ice melt damages the concrete surface, so it’s always important to make sure the concrete in your steps and sidewalks is effective and durable.

It is also important to only apply ice melt at the manufacturer’s recommended rate. Concentrated piles of ice melt will cause the concrete surface to pop off. Almost all ice melt manufacturers recommend application on concrete that is at least over a year old.

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