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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Services

Fuel & Chemical Containment

If you are a company looking to be more environmentally conscious, then fuel and chemical containments are a great investment. These containments are individually designed for each project’s needs and help you maintain environmental awareness standards.

Poured Retaining Walls & Footings

Retaining walls and footings provide your foundation and building with additional stability and safety. Our retaining walls are given extra attentional to detail to ensure they are successful. Footings support and stabilize structures by distributing the weight load over a large area.

Structural Slabs

Sub-grade preparation, concrete mix, and anchor bolt placements are all precisely done to ensure a successful installation of new industrial equipment. Each structural slab is poured to the engineer’s specifications.

Recessed Pits & Floor Areas

As industry changes, so does its equipment. To accommodate new equipment, Harland Concrete can raise or lower floors, install pits, and pour footings to the required equipment specifications.

Forklift Ramps

Do you have changes in floor elevation within your building? Forklift ramps allow machinery to drive through elevation changes where a hard drive surface is required.

Loading Docks

Each loading dock we create is excavated and poured to your exact design specifications.

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