Since agriculture contributes 27% of Iowa’s overall economy, Harland Concrete maintains a close connection to it. We are the contractor of choice with the technology, experience, and skills to tackle the challenges farmers face when it comes to repairs, constructing new buildings, and more.

Agriculture Services

Cattle Lot Paving

A paved cattle lot can improve the efficiency and health of each cattle operation. Harland Concrete has experience in completing this kind of project and will complete it according to the operator’s specifications.

Feed Bunk Slabs

Feed bunk slabs allow the farmer to efficiently remove manure off a hard surface and facilitates easier feeding of livestock.

Grain Bin Slabs

Grain bins are expensive and need a stable foundation to last for the duration of their expect life. The grain bin slabs we create are poured to predetermined specifications from the grain bin company, ensuring your grain bin is stable.

Interior Shop Floors

We offer various interior shop floor options for you to choose the best fit for your operation. Floors can be finished flat, sloped to drain, and sealed to resist stains. We also specialize in pouring concrete over in-floor heat, which is a popular option as an efficient way to heat a large area. All of our shop floors are finished to the owner’s specifications.


Approaches help the interior of a building to stay clean by reducing the amount of mud and dirt tracked into the building by equipment. Approaches are contoured to match building elevations with the surrounding terrain and attention is especially given to ensure water is diverted away from the building. This uniform and consistent entry and exit increases comfort and safety when operating large equipment on a consistent slope.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can save excavation cost and add beauty to any landscape. These walls are properly designed for stability and safety, and we give extra attention to fundamental details to ensure your retaining walls are successful and satisfactory.

Fuel & Chemical Containment

Fuel and chemical containment is a great way to help our customers satisfy increasing environmental awareness standards. Each of these containment projects is individually designed to meet the site’s specific requirements.

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